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Web enhancer (UI)

The fetch(bible) web enhancer is a quick and easy way to enhance existing webpages with the power of the fetch(bible) platform. It can automatically turn Bible references into links that display the passage on hover and open an embedded Bible study app on click.

Also see the web app


References like Jn 3:16 and John 3:16 can be automatically discovered within text and clicking on them opens an embedded study app without taking users away from your page.

Supported formats:

  • Matt. 10:8
  • Matthew 10:7-8
  • Matt 10:7a-8b (letters are valid but don’t affect passage contents)
  • Matt 9:37-10:8
  • Matt 10
  • Matt 9-10
  • Philemon 2-3 (numbers refer to verses when only one chapter)

Multi-passage detection:

  • Matt 10:6,8
  • Matt 10:8,11:1
  • Matt 10:8, John 3:16
  • Matt 10:8,10; John 3:16

It also works with references in other languages, as long as a translation of that language is specified when constructing BibleEnhancer. Change the language below and it will discover the following references, accounting for a variety of different reference styles.

  • Công vụ 13.38 (period)
  • Công vụ 13:38—39 (long-dash)
  • Công vụ 13:38 (full-width colon)

It does not detect whole book or multi-book references as there would be too many false-positives.

  • Luke is my friend.
  • Gen-Exo
  • 1-3 John


Supports browsers with ES2019+

Express Usage

Add the following to the <head> of your page:

<script type="module" crossorigin src=""></script>

It will automatically execute and transform all references it finds in the user’s language, using the default translation for that language. Add the following attribute to force it to use the given bibles data-trans="eng_bsb,grc_sr". To configure any additional settings, use the standard import method below.

TIP – Transform other people’s websites

For your own personal use you can add the following as a bookmark in your browser. Clicking it will transform whatever page you are currently viewing. Specify what bibles you would like at the end of the bookmark like so:

javascript:(trans=>{var s=document.createElement('script');s.crossOrigin='';s.dataset.trans=trans;s.src='';document.head.appendChild(s)})("eng_bsb,grc_sr")

Standard Usage

import {BibleEnhancer} from ''

// Stylesheets for both the fetch(bible) client and enhancer are required
// If you don't use a bundler you can add them via a standard <link>
import ''
import ''

new BibleEnhancer().discover_bible_references()

Advanced Usage

// Available settings for BibleEnhancer
const enhancer = new BibleEnhancer({
    translations: ['eng_bsb', 'grc_sr'],  // Set the translations to be used
    client: new BibleClient(),  // Provide a custom fetch(bible) client
    app_origin: '',  // Use a custom fetch app
    app_args: {hue: '120'},  // Pass args to embedded app (see app docs)
    history: false,  // Don't intercept browser "back" to hide app modal
    // Do something before enhancer pushes to browser history
    // E.g. Some SPAs need to store scroll position
    before_history_push: () => {
        history.replaceState({scrollPosition: window.scrollY}, '')

// Control which elements are evaluated for bible reference discovery
    document.querySelector('.article'),  // Root element for discovery
    // A custom filter (default excludes headings)
    element => element.classList.contains('refs'),

// Call discover method whenever content is dynamically replaced
my_router.onRouteChanged(() => {

// Manually trigger display of embedded app
enhancer.show_app({book: 'gen', start_chapter: 2, start_verse: 5})

// Manually enhance any element (e.g. button, span)
    {book: 'gen', start_chapter: 2, start_verse: 5, end_verse: 6})

// Change the translations used
enhancer.change_translation('eng_bsb', 'grc_sr')

Real example with SPA

The following is an example of how the enhancer can be used in a SPA framework like VitePress.

// Within a root component that only renders once
onMounted(() => {

    // Init enhancer with support for VitePress' router
    const enhancer = new BibleEnhancer({
        translations: ['eng_bsb', 'grc_sr'],
        before_history_push: () => {
            // Store scroll position for VitePress to prevent page jump
            history.replaceState({scrollPosition: window.scrollY}, '')

    // Initial discovery

    // Discover for every page visited
    useRouter().onAfterRouteChanged = to => {


.fb-enhancer-link {
    /* Style Bible reference links */
.fb-enhancer-hover {
    /* Style box shown on link hover */
.fb-enhancer-app {
    /* Style app modal */