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What's included

We include every Bible translation possible and regularly check for new translations and updates to existing translations.

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What's not included

Translations pending permission

If a translation is not public domain or openly licensed, then we must be granted permission before we can include it. We are actively seeking permission for all translations that require it, but you can also seek permission yourself (see below).

Inaccurate translations

We don't include translations well known to be poor quality or unfaithful to the original writings. We do include old translations (that were considered ok in their period) but provide ways of easily filtering them out.

Apocryphal books

We only include the 66 books of the Protestant canon, so we do not include apocryphal books. We have no interest in providing access to them ourselves, but users desiring those books are welcome to fork our service which is open source.

Getting permission for restricted translations

If a translation is not openly licensed and you want to use it beyond the limitations usually applied to it, you'll need to get permission from the translation's owner. This is usually done by requesting access via The Digital Bible Library.

If the translation is already included in our collection then you can just ignore the usual limits and comply with the private agreement you've made with the owner. If it's not yet included in our collection then you can simply create your own collection and combine it with ours.

Suggesting a translation

There are thousands of Bible translations in existence and there's sure to be some we simply don't know about yet. Feel free to contact us if there is a translation you'd like included, especially if it is public domain or openly licensed.

Contributing a translation

We greatly welcome the addition of Bible translations we don't have yet, and while we have a preference for openly licensed translations, our service also supports including ones with more limited licenses.

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