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fetch(bible) is still in preview

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fetch(bible) is...

  • A collection of all available Bible translations
  • A service for free access to the collection
  • A tool for integrating the Bible into apps and websites

Together, it's a digital bible platform that lets anyone access scripture in thousands of translations, whether to display a single verse or power an entire bible app.

What makes fetch(bible) special?

  • It's easy to use — Whether you want a UI, API, or manual access
  • It's efficient — All content is compressed and distributed via a CDN
  • It's open source — Anyone can contribute, fork, self-host
  • It's private — No tracking of users and no registration required
  • It's unrestricted — No request limits, no cache limits, 100% free

While fetch(bible) has no restrictions itself, most Bible translations have terms you must still comply with, and fetch(bible) makes this easy by filtering translations based on your intended use.

What currently uses fetch(bible)?

Prelaunch apps:

More apps will be available after fetch(bible) officially launches.

Who made fetch(bible)?

Gracious Tech created and maintains fetch(bible), and we believe "All Scripture is God-breathed" (2 Timothy 3:16) and essential for everyone to have unrestricted access to.

Though our work was only possible thanks to the extensive efforts of others who have been translating, collecting, and working on tools that fetch(bible) makes use of.