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Manual access

It's recommended to use the official client if able to save you a lot of time, but fetch(bible) can also be accessed manually if the need arises. For example, you may want to access the collection via a language other than Javascript.


There is a single JSON document that contains all the metadata for all Bible translations. You can inspect the structure and parse it as needed.


If you need the original source files for Bible translations they are available in the official collection repository.

Available formats

All bibles are provided in USX 3+, USFM, HTML, and plain text:


The HTML is a custom format designed to be used with the provided stylesheet, but the structure is self-explanatory and matches USX as closely as possible. The plain text excludes all non-biblical content (such as headings) but does include verse markers (e.g. [2]), which can be easily removed if desired.

Book ids match the USX standard but are lowercase only.